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No Contact Request

Due to ongoing harassment, I'm issuing a no contact request to the "Crit Rats". Leave me alone.

People included:

  • Dennis Hackethal
  • Brett Hall
  • Charlie Jungheim
  • Michael Golding
  • Bruce Nielson
  • Aaron Stupple
  • Ella Hoeppner
  • Andy B
  • Dan Elton
  • Sam Kuypers
  • Sarah Fitz-Claridge
  • Kevin Schoedel
  • Logan Chipkin
  • Carlos De la Guardia
  • Christofer Lövgren

Plus anyone else who associates with "Andy B" or is supportive of the ongoing harassment from him and others in the "Crit Rat" community.

No contact includes: don't talk to me; don't talk about me while in the same room as me; don't respond to what I said while in the same room as me; don't do online equivalents of that; don't use your associates or my associates to talk to me indirectly; you're banned from my forums.

Exception: You may email me regarding ending the harassment or renouncing the harassers. Other contact is a violation of my consent.

Elliot Temple on April 23, 2021

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Someone was harassing this blog today (I deleted those comments). Presumably it was someone the no contact request applied to who was breaking it.

curi at 9:15 PM on April 24, 2021 | #2 | reply | quote

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