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Warcraft III Poems

The Life of a HU

Fighting UD demonstrates a HU's lack of power
you just lose if you don't mass tower
Fighting orc your casters will shine
do a sky push and he's sure to whine
When elf comes your way
an xpo will save the day
When you face a fellow HU
don't feel blue
tech and harass
can beat caster mass

The Life of an Orc

Stack that imba blade
and you'll have it made
They'll spam dust
because they must
but it's no use
don't call a truce
Just sell your tp
circlet is gg

The Life of an Elf

Being an elf
is good for your health
No matter how nub
you never can lose
Attack-move for the win
try not to grin

The Life of an UD

Coil nova impale
will never fail
Your units may suck
but who gives a fuck?
Nuke nuke nuke nuke

Elliot Temple on February 4, 2008


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