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Introductory Questions

Are you looking for one reply, a small discussion, a big discussion, or a series of discussions?

Are you looking for help or to correct me? Are you trying or expecting to learn from me, or to win a debate with me?

Do you believe you’re a beginner, a skilled and knowledgable person, or my equal or peer?

How many relevant online articles have you written? How many words is that? Link your website with them. 5+ articles is preferred for beginners, 20+ is preferred for knowledgeable people, and 20+ is a hard requirement for peers (100+ preferred). I’m flexible if you have a good written substitute for online articles, e.g. a published book. Writing should be on your own website (either your own domain or your own account at something like WordPress, Blogger, or Medium, not Reddit comments, Quora answers, etc.)

What resources have you allocated to this project? The main ones are time (e.g. 1 hour, 20 hours, or 7 hours/week indefinitely) and money. If your allocations of both time and money are low, it’s hard to make much progress.

If you want to debate, are you planning to pursue the matter to a conclusion? And if you lose the debate (in your own opinion) will you thank me, pay me, or do anything else about it? If you want to learn, are you planning to pursue the matter until you’ve succeeded, or will you stop and try something else if it’s not quick and easy?

What have you already done to learn about this matter or develop the skills to deal with it effectively? Read books or articles (about the topic itself or about how to learn, think, discuss, study, etc.)? Studied them? Written notes? Discussed them? (Publicly? Link?) Watched YouTube videos? Read Wikipedia? Listened to podcasts? Asked experts? Gotten a degree? Worked in the field? Do you have much discussion or debate history/practice (link?)?

I ask these questions first because they’re relevant context for the discussion and second because they are areas where people commonly behave/communicate ambiguously or dishonestly.

Generally you can answer these questions just once and it’ll be fine for many discussions. People usually have similar answers for most or all of their discussions. But if the answers change significantly, you should communicate that.

I like long discussions or debates. You’re welcome to ask for that. Just say so. I don’t like e.g. people who try to debate me, anonymously, and they may stop replying at any moment (I have no idea), but before that they always demand I give them more answers or else they call me an irrational evader. Short questions are OK too if they’re clear about what they are, and they’re good, effortful questions. I don’t like people who bring up a topic so that it looks like the start of a substantial discussion but then don’t continue after they get an initial answer. The questions above help me know what to expect from a discussion.

Elliot Temple on October 30, 2019

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egoist y do u live?

it doesn't look fun, wise or good.

Anonymous at 1:01 PM on October 30, 2019 | #14016 | reply | quote

#14016 I agree that curry appears to be extremely full of himself, but also seems to want to pursue truth in his own rather strange way.

Do you have any suggestions? What you said is not particularly helpful, you just called him a name and commented that doing what he does is not fun, wise or good.

What are some ideas for him to fix this?

Anonymous at 1:07 PM on October 31, 2019 | #14041 | reply | quote


Anonymous at 1:08 PM on October 31, 2019 | #14042 | reply | quote

#14041 FYI some people have been trolling for a while. A bunch of people have already made reasonable efforts to engage with them. It hasn't been productive.

curi at 1:20 PM on October 31, 2019 | #14045 | reply | quote

What is Marx’s view of alienation? Do you agree with some, or none of it?

Learning Marx at 12:58 PM on November 8, 2019 | #14236 | reply | quote

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