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Fallible Ideas Community Overview

The Fallible Ideas (FI) community is for learning, philosophy, rationality and critical thinking. These can be applied to all topics (science, economics, politics, gaming, etc.), not just traditional “philosophy” topics. The central topic is how to think and learn well.

Favored thinkers at FI include Elliot Temple (aka curi, the owner), David Deutsch, Ayn Rand, Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises and Eliyahu Goldratt.

Resources to learn about FI.

The FI community has three discussion places. They are the Curiosity website (blog/forum hybrid), the FI Google Group (email), and the Discord chatroom.

You can support Fallible Ideas with a monthly subscription. SubscribeStar is like Patreon with reward tiers. I refuse to use Patreon because of all the people they've deplatformed.

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Elliot Temple on March 23, 2020


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